Every Act is a 'Headline Act'

There is a long-establish science to India’s manifold arts. This possibly applies most of all to her musical traditions, which are as eye-opening to understand, as they are breathtaking to behold. The repertoire of carefully selected artistes and performers at the Festival of Bharat exemplifies the best of Indian musical traditions, and is intended to stir your soul as much as your passion for a beautiful live music experience.

We view all artistes with equal respect, and therefore do not profile any of our performers as ‘headline acts’ or ‘opening acts’. What we can assure you is that each artist will be special in their own right, and that this will be one of the most memorable live musical experiences of your year. Keep an eye on the FoB’s website and sign up to our mailing list to know the latest updates on who’s performing at the festival this year.

And whatever happens, make sure you don’t miss our unique take on the Big Fat Indian Antakshari, where we ask all of the festival’s performers to take part in this timeless and incredibly fun Indian musical tradition.