Neemrana Hotels

The iconic Neemrana Hotels group is noted for many things, not least for restoring India’s most precious historical ruins, and turning them into some of the world’s finest heritage hotels.

Neemrana was started in 1991 by Aman Nath and the late Francis Wacziarg. Aman Nath was a post-graduate in medieval Indian history from Delhi University, and Francis Wacziarg a former French diplomat and resident of India since 1969. When researching wall frescoes for “The Painted Frescoes of Shekhavati”, they encountered the 15th-century Neemrana Fort on the Aravalli range in Rajasthan. The fort had been built by local chieftain, Nimola Meo, and had lay in ruin for decades. Nath and Wacziarg bought the fort in 1986, restored it, and launched it as a hotel in 1991. Fast forward three decades, and Neemrana now offers the opportunity to experience 24 of India’s finest and most sought after heritage hotels in India.

Whilst most Indian heritage hotels are blessed with the majesty and treasures of history, only a few offer the opportunity to experience authenticity at the level and depth of a Neemrana Hotel. These hotels exemplify a commitment to heritage, restoration, and the revitalisation of architectural wonders, and offer unmatched accommodation options to those looking for a unique hotel experience in India.