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Neemrana Hotels

The iconic Neemrana Hotels group is noted for many things, not least for restoring India’s most precious historical ruins, and turning them into some of the world’s finest heritage hotels.

Neemrana was started in 1991 by Aman Nath and the late Francis Wacziarg. Aman Nath was a post-graduate in medieval Indian history from Delhi University, and Francis Wacziarg a former French diplomat and resident of India since 1969. When researching wall frescoes for “The Painted Frescoes of Shekhavati”, they encountered the 15th-century Neemrana Fort on the Aravalli range in Rajasthan. The fort had been built by local chieftain, Nimola Meo, and had lay in ruin for decades. Nath and Wacziarg bought the fort in 1986, restored it, and launched it as a hotel in 1991. Fast forward three decades, and Neemrana now offers the opportunity to experience 24 of India’s finest and most sought after heritage hotels in India.

Whilst most Indian heritage hotels are blessed with the majesty and treasures of history, only a few offer the opportunity to experience authenticity at the level and depth of a Neemrana Hotel. These hotels exemplify a commitment to heritage, restoration, and the revitalisation of architectural wonders, and offer unmatched accommodation options to those looking for a unique hotel experience in India.


All India Association of Organic & Ayurveda at The Festival of Bharat

All India Association of Organic & Ayurveda is a membership based business association for Organic & Ayurveda products in India. AOA is the voice for Organic & Ayurveda trade, representing businesses and its members which includes growers, shippers, processors, certifiers, farmer's associations, distributors, importers, exporters, consultants, retailers and others.

AOA's mission is to promote and protect ORGANIC & AYURVEDA products with a unifying voice that serves and engages its diverse members from farm to marketplace.

AOA's vision is to grow ORGANIC & AYURVEDA industry to achieve excellence in agriculture and commerce, protect the environment and enhance community well-being.

Mythri Speaks

In a space where finding problems in rural India is the trend, Mythri Speaks ventured into villages to find answers through the ancient science and wisdom that still breathes in rural India.  This approach is evident in their work on menstruation which reinforces the fact that India’s cultural practices are deeply rooted in our ancient science.  Currently, Mythri Speaks’ work is centered in rural Karnataka.

Book My Show

BookMyShow, an entertainment ticketing company that provides online booking for movies, plays, sporting events and shows across India and abroad. It services more than 240 cities and 2,800 screens in India.

Banaras Utsav

Banaras Utsav is a brand owned by Gaurav Kapoor out Varanasi, India. The brand specialises in organising corporate events, sponsored festivals and music concerts within India. The idea behind Banaras Utsav continues to be about promoting the arts, craft, literature, theatre, poetry, heritage, architecture and the various musical traditions of Varanasi and India on a national stage. It is our little effort to keep our traditions and culture alive and prospering.


Pragyata is an initiative that is dedicated to the goal of reviving popular interest in Indic knowledge. With the help of scholars and practitioners grounded in the intellectual and spiritual traditions of India, we find ways of looking at contemporary issues from an Indic perspective. We develop online courses on arts, philosophy, history etc., publish scholarly articles on our e-magazine and work offline with corporates, schools, and colleges to address their specific training needs.

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